Management ideas

Monday, 27. January 2020

When The Former Boss Becomes An Obstacle

A company succession has been found, the handover went harmoniously, now the future can start with a fresh breeze. That this is not that easy for small and medium-sized companies is shown by...


Friday, 24. January 2020

How Skiing Is Changing Its Face

In Germany, around eight million people ski, which is approximately one out of ten. However, the sport, which is popular with many, is undergoing pressure from several sides. For example, it is now...


Thursday, 23. January 2020

The Significance of Good Theses

Theses are often considered annoying formalities. However, they can do so much more. When properly tackled, a Master's thesis can pave the way to your dream job. In an interview with...


Friday, 17. January 2020

Take 1, Pay for 2

New study shows how online and offline services often round up the actual amount of usage for billing purposes, thereby significantly increasing their revenues. Customers underestimate the influence...


Thursday, 12. December 2019

Artificial Intelligence for Managers

The development of artificial intelligence has been very successful in the last ten years. Nevertheless, reality often does not do justice to what is commonly imagined under artificial intelligence....


Tuesday, 10. December 2019

More Capital Coverage in Retirement Provision

In the context of demographic change, statutory pension provision has long been a controversial subject. However, there is a broad consensus among the parties on one issue: It is essential to provide...


Friday, 29. November 2019

WHU Co-initiates "Bündnis Ökonomische Bildung"

WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management supports a nationwide alliance to promote economic education in schools. "Only with a fundamental understanding of economics can there be responsible citizens...