Tuesday, 23. August 2016

Bundesliga Kickoff

High class soccer in partly empty arenas? Why season pass holders tend to stay at home

Source: fotolia.com / p!xel 66

German soccer fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the 53rd Bundesliga season this Friday. While the league has seen new audience records in recent years regularly, the soccer boom in Germany remains unbroken. Ironically at the same time some Bundesliga clubs have long been facing an absurd problem: Part of the season ticket holders, meaning those fans who are considered especially loyal, stay at home surprisingly often. Despite sold out arenas the teams must therefore occasionally compete in front of a partly empty arena. WHU Jun.-Professor Dr. Dominik Schreyer and WHU Professor Dr. Sascha Schmidt have addressed these problems and for the first time examined the significance of the in both theory and praxis much discussed "Game Outcome Uncertainty" (GOU) for the access behavior of season ticket holders. Their results show that the GOU affects both the decision to physically attend a game in the stadium and the decision on what time to enter the stadium.

Read the complete paper in the Journal of Economic Psychology here