Wednesday, 14. December 2016

Challenges of the Future

Members of the competency team “Politics and Business” of Frankfurt’s “Future Council” (Zukunftsrat) met in Frankfurt on November 4 to present the results of their study “Political and Business Challenges of the Future.”  Dr. Nicole Glanemann, Assistant Professor for Climate Change Adaptation Strategies at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, who is the chairwoman of the “Global Change” competency field delivered a presentation entitled “Climate Change – A Threat for the Supply Chains?”  

Glanemann and the Supply Chain Management Group at WHU work on research topics that affect the sustainability of supply chains. Moreover, she is at the helm of the flagship project “The Economy of Adaptation to Climate Change” at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). In close cooperation with the “Global Adaptation Strategies” research team, she examines the effects of climate change on global infrastructures as well as worldwide supply chains. She is also involved in the further development of the economic theory on the adaptation to and the safeguarding against the consequences of global warming. On May 1, 2015, WHU and the PIK jointly awarded her the junior professorship for climate adaptation strategies.  

About the Frankfurt Future Council  

Renowned public figures and scientists have joined forces in the Frankfurt Future Council to establish a non-profit, innovative think tank that advocates for sustainable political, business and social policies in Germany and all over Europe. To achieve this, the Frankfurt Future Council develops holistic concepts and recommendations for future implementation based on a long-term approach and discusses them in a nonpartisan environment. In its intermediate function, the Council formulates universally comprehensible theories, which are communicated to the broad public. The primary target audiences are political and business institutions, adolescents and the media.