trendence Graduate Barometer 2018

In this year’s Business Edition of the trendence Graduate Barometer, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management achieved above-average results in student ratings in seven of eight main categories. Students at WHU have particularly words of praise for the internationality of the Business School, the extensive range of career opportunities, the high practical relevance of their degree programs and the good availability of workstations and opportunities for digital learning.

This year, WHU earned top marks in seven out of eight so-called “key performance indicator” categories in the trendence Graduate Barometer. Among other things, these categories include internationality and practical relevance of the education and training received, the quality of service and advising, career services as well as the expertise and didactic competence of the professors and lecturers. “For us, it is a great confirmation of our accomplishments and an incentive for the future that our students are very satisfied particularly with the internationality and the high practical relevance of our degree programs, the expertise and didactic excellence of our faculty and the solid career service offered at WHU,” Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU, pointed out. 

In a direct comparison across all of the German universities that were assessed, WHU stands in first place in the categories of international educational scope, practical relevance of training, workstations and digital learning as well as career service. It also received the second-highest marks among German universities with regard to students’ satisfaction with the professional and didactic competence of their lecturers and professors and with the quality of service and advising provided by the University. In terms of student satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of library collections, WHU ranks third among the German universities compared.

WHU students awarded an average score of 1.4 for general satisfaction with their Business School, on a scale of 1 (“fully and completely satisfied”) to 7 (“very dissatisfied”). By comparison, as an entire group, on average, business students in Germany awarded their respective universities a grade of just 2.2. A total of 95.9 percent of the students surveyed also indicated that they would recommend their degree program at WHU to others. The experience profile of WHU students well exceeds the German average in many areas as well. For example, while around two-thirds of WHU students spend an internship abroad, and around three-quarters a semester abroad, a semester abroad is common practice for only one third of the business students at other German universities, while an average of just one-fifth of business students in Germany complete an internship abroad. WHU students also manifested above-average mobility – as a reflection of their willingness to move anywhere for their future job. The WHU students surveyed also reported a willingness to work an average of around 20 hours more each week than the other students in the survey.

Issued each year by the trendence Institute, the trendence Graduate Barometer dates back to 1999. The study provides insights into the opinions of students nearing graduation and graduates with regard to their universities and their views on careers. The survey interviewed a total of some 55,000 students pursuing degrees in business, engineering and the natural sciences, IT and other subjects at 196 colleges and universities across Germany. This year, 13,646 economics students in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs participated in the Business Edition of the survey.