WHU First Responder Annual Meeting

On October 1, the first annual meeting of the WHU First Responder took place in Vallendar. The board members presented the annual report, including numbers of operations and participants of the latest ambulance course as well as the results of the blood donation days. They also introduced the new operational vehicle, an Audi Q2, which will be delivered in a few months.

Glenn Davidsen, Celina Quirmbach, Chiara Westmeyer, Jörg Borkowsky, Frederik Neugebauer and Lukas Zervudakis (f.l.t.r.)

The presentation of the In Praxi Awards marked the highlight. Jörg Borkowsky, Chairman of In Praxi, honored Glenn Davidsen, 1. Chairman of WHU First Responder, Celina Quirmbach, former 1. Chairwoman, Chiara Westmeyer, treasurer, Frederik Neugebauer, active member, and Lukas Zervudakis, former 2. Chairman, for their outstanding commitment for WHU First Responder.