"Our future lies in Europe"

At the New Year's reception of the SPD Vallendar on 13 January 2018, Prof. Dr. Markus Rudolf spoke about the importance of a united Europe and the dangers of Brexit.

Photo: Fotolia/Lazyllama

 In his speech, the Rector of WHU emphasized the outstanding economic success of the European Union. According to Rudolf, Europe was not perfect, but it could only survive in international competition in close cooperation, with open borders and a stable common currency.

"The trade of all countries in Europe has increased considerably since the introduction of the euro more than 20 years ago", Rudolf argued. A return to the nation states or even a departure from the euro would be disadvantageous for all European countries - to a considerable extent also for Germany.

Only a free Europe is a prosperous Europe, and borders and isolation threaten this freedom. "Today we are as free as our dreamland - the USA - once was in the 1990s. We should not take this for granted", Rudolf pleaded.

Ultimately, a common Europe is not only economically successful but also guarantees free and peaceful coexistence. "Every European country has its charm and its special features - and yet you will feel at home everywhere within Europe."

A return to the nation states would ultimately lead not only to economic losses but also to personal and social bondage. Markus Rudolf's conclusion: "Our future lies in Europe."