Wednesday, 07. September 2016

"In Praxi Learning Center" Inaugurated

On September 5, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management celebrated the opening of its new building. The “In Praxi Learning Center” comprises five stories and is home to two modern lecture halls, a reading room, learning and lounge areas, a bistro, as well as offices for faculty members.


The new building also impresses with its innovative climate control system. During construction, two wells were sunk in order to obtain groundwater that is used to cool the building. This is coupled with an innovative, software-controlled ventilation system where the current of air is regulated in such a way as to create a slow, non-directional flow of air, which contrasts to conventional ventilation control where the flow of air is directed. The slow and continuous intermingling of incoming air with air inside the building results in an even distribution of temperature without temperature stratification, islands of cold, and drafts. This ventilation method saves energy and minimizes heat loss in winter and cooling loads in summer. An additional heat pump is used to heat the building in winter.

The costs of the new building total around EUR 8 million. Thanks to the outstanding work of former students, the In Praxi – WHU Alumni Association has already received donor pledges of more than EUR 1.1 million. For example, sponsors include alumni at audibene and Zalando and were name givers to the audibene Hall and the Zalando Student Lounge. Inspired by the commitment shown by alumni who graduated in 1992 and former students from the field of family-run companies, there is now also a Family Business Auditorium in the new building. As a whole, former students intend bearing around half the costs of the new building.