Kellogg Alumni Club of Germany - Keep on growing your network!

A network lives and grows with its active members. Once you join the Kellogg-WHU EMBA Program, you will have access to the Kellogg and WHU (In Praxi) Alumni Network. With over 60,000 connections from around the world, our network provides great career opportunities, expert advice, and the chance to participate in global alumni networking events and conferences. There is also the opportunity to show your support for Kellogg-WHU by returning as an interviewer, guest speaker, or mentor.

Thomas Roell and Nils Klamar are leading the Kellogg Alumni Club of Germany to bring up-to-date topics to interested Kellogg-WHU alumni from all industries.

Thomas Roell and Nils Klamar have been involved in the Alumni Club Frankfurt since early 2016 to bring up-to-date topics to interested Kellogg and WHU alumni from all industries. Both of them successfully graduated the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA in 2014. Using their enthusiasm and willingness to constantly grow their network in Frankfurt and its surroundings, they took over the leading role to manage the regional club and have successfully organized two impressive events.

Nils and Thomas are fellow students, both involved in the finance industry and working next door to each other. “Our goal is it to build a platform that gives alumni the chance to grow their network, to support the community, and the cohesion”, states Nils. “When you have been working in this industry for quite a while, it is indeed interesting to get to know different topics to constantly keep on learning - of course this is also a reason why I decided to pursue an EMBA.” Nils started his career in 2007 as a consultant at FAS AG, recently became partner and is responsible for Valuation & Transaction Services. “Getting involved in an activity such as the Alumni Club after graduation helps you to keep your mind open to new perspectives”, adds Thomas, who has more than 20 years of experience in the Capital Market business. Thomas has been working for Commerzbank AG and Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, before he started his own company piHub Private Investments in early 2016.

Studying an EMBA has been a career change for both in different ways. “I studied the EMBA, because I wanted to widen my knowledge and to develop in topics such as leadership and corporate development. My company supported me moneywise during this time – looking back now it has all worked out. I even went back to campus in Miami and Evanston after graduation”, says Nils. While he stayed in his company, Thomas took the step to become an entrepreneur. “The entrepreneurial spirit is a core element at WHU. It supported my decision to start a business and helps me a lot in my everyday work.” Thomas’ company piHub focuses on the successful execution of a company’s financial strategy.

“During our studies, Thomas and I weren’t in touch a lot. It actually started after graduation that we discovered having the same goal, which is to proactively keep on supporting the Kellogg-WHU network,” states Nils. Their first event took place at SAP in Walldorf, featuring talks from SAP SE CEO Bill McDermott, a Kellogg MBA graduate. The event was attended by over 120 guests (including different business schools) and provided an opportunity for alumni to stay connected whilst keeping abreast of latest business research. The latest event highlighted the topic “Neuroleadership” with guest speaker Nicole Scherf and took place in the center of Frankfurt, high in the sky at the office of Odgers Berndtson. During the past year Nils and Thomas have received continuous positive feedback from their guests.  “There are lots of ideas coming up, that we are working on at the moment,” states Nils. “We would also like to connect to more regional clubs in Munich or Düsseldorf”.

If you want to get involved and attend future events, simply attend their LinkedIn Group called “Kellogg Alumni Club of Germany” to receive information on upcoming events and networking possibilities.

Are you also involved in the regional club in your city? Write an email to Marketing & Recruiting Manager of the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program Nina Besselink in order to get connected: