WHU Theater: „Sherlock in Love“

The Students Theater Group at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management demonstrated their theatrical skills once more with this year’s winter production. The group of amateur actors under director Max Schäfer succeeded in delighting audiences on three evenings, from December 1 through 3.

Cedric Crecelius (Dr. J. H. Watson), Evelyn Ziegler (Susi Deepwater) and Louisa Geradis (Charlene Miller)

“Sherlock in Love,” by Kai Hinkelmann, is a parody of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world-famous Sherlock Holmes. Together with his assistant Dr. Watson, he seems to succeed at solving even the trickiest criminal cases, and the two have gained some notoriety as a result. What the public does not know, though, is this: the real genius behind their detective work is their under-appreciated and frustrated housekeeper, Martha. But she is not the only one who has now grown annoyed by Sherlock’s arrogance and presumptuousness, and so their next case poses virtually unsolvable challenges for Sherlock and Watson.

The last thing they need is for the unsuccessful yet all the more importunate reporter Patricia Lowsmith to appear on the scene. Not only Sherlock and Dr. Watson but also Inspector Gregson of Scotland Yard quickly find themselves stymied by the next case, one spiced with a generous helping of love, jealousy, and desire for revenge. Fortunately Maid Martha is attuned to nearly everything and can add one and one.

The three main players, Tim Paulus, Cedric Crecelius and Johanna Wagner, were brilliant in their roles as Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson and the clever and typically annoyed housekeeper Martha. This marked the first performance for many of the other actors with the Students Theater Group, but the young ensemble offered a convincing performance of this frivolous comedy. This was not least the result of the occasional ambiguous pun.

Fans of the WHU Students Theater Group can look forward to the next production, which is upcoming in the spring of 2018.

WHU’s Students Theater Group

WHU’s student theater group has been in existence since the fall of 1989. The initiator was Philipp Burgtorf (Diplom class of 1993), who had received acting and directing lessons during a year abroad. In recent years, the amateur actors have delighted their audiences with classics from Sartre, Camus, Dürrenmatt, Shakespeare as well as comedies by Arnold/ Bach or Simons amongst others.

The WHU theater group stands for extraordinary commitment on the part of the ever-changing cast, great attention to detail, and a variety of characters.

A full house and an enthusiastic audience are the reward for these efforts on a regular basis, whereby the audience is not just made up of members of the WHU community, because all performances are public.