WHU ER Team Profiles

Patrick Breuer (ER Director, MBA PT 2018)

Patrick is the current head of the WHU Entrepreneurship Roundtable and has recently graduated at WHU. He has been working for a small company specialized in building FinTechs and advising banks with regards to digital ecosystems. Prior to this, he has gathered deep expertise in retail banking as he had worked for well-known German bank.

Ngurah Linggih (ER Deputy Director, MBA FT 2018)

Nura from Indonesia, previously worked as a Sustainability Consultant trying to save the planet.
Interested to gather knowledge and gain experience in the Tech Start-up scene in Europe and accomplish his dream as a Green Businessman Nura from Indonesia, previously worked as a Sustainability Consultant trying to save the planet. Interested to gather knowledge and gain experience in the Tech Start-up scene in Europe and accomplish his dream as a Green Businessman

Navtran Jain (MBA FT 2018)

Navratan Started as a online fraud Investigator aka online Sherlock Homes and later moved to Social startup Incubator to get deeper understanding of incubation process and entrepreneurship in more challenging areas.
After that worked in business of Interiors without any wood.
Now he is part of ER and looking forward to find his next entrepreneurial gig

Deborah Wehle (MBA PT 2018)

Deborah is a current part-time MBA Student at WHU.
Due to her diverse work experience of more than 8 years and her close collaboration with the Executive Board of an international project developing company she has deep expertise in strategy execution, project management and change management. Deborah’s interests are entrepreneurship and innovation.

Anthony Karge (MBA FT 2018)

Anthony is a full-time MBA student who has worked in the United States, Poland, and Cambodia.
He started his career as a journalist and later transitioned to digital marketing roles.
He has experienced both sides of start-ups life by working for fast-scaling and also fast-failing companies. 

Yuan-Chih Lee (aka Nick) (MBA FT 2018)

Nick is experienced in the capital market as a bond trader in Taiwan after obtaining his Bachelor in Business & Enterprise Management from Wake Forest University, USA. Nick is currently a participant of the Full-time MBA Class of 2018 at WHU and he has a wide interests in entrepreneurship, marketing, private equity and product development.

Phillip Haas (MBA FT 2018)

Phillip is a current FT-MBA student at WHU with an engineering background. He loves travelling and discovering places/cultures and has always been curious about new things in his private life, as well as on a professional level especially innovative technical achievements an sustainability.

Sebastian Geuecke (MBA PT 2018)

Sebastian is a Part-Time MBA student with more than 3 years experience as a consultant in the financial service industry  where he developed a deep expertise in the field of risk management and regulatory requirements.  As an MBA canditate at WHU, Sebastian developed a strong interest in the FinTech as well as Venture Capital industry

Alessandro Schlötterlein (MBA FT 2018)

Alessandro is a current MBA student at WHU with more than 4 years of international work experience for a Fortune 500 company  in the QSR industry where he acquired a deep expertise within business development and financial planning. Alessandro is very enthusiastic about innovative concepts, entrepreneurship, and digitalization

Brenda Mogoase (MBA PT 2018)

Brenda is a current part-time MBA Student, and a Manager in Telecommunications company leading an Identity and Access Operations team.  She has 8+ experience in ICT.  Her passion lingers around entrepreneurship, women empowerment, start-ups and investments in established or young businesses.  She aims to grow in the Finance sector of the business.

She is also understanding the business/start-up gap between internationals sector and Africa, and implementing the lessons thereof in her home country (South Africa).

Dumitru Mitu (MBA FT 2018)

After graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor in Business Management, Dumitru worked at Staples, Frankfurt, as a Key Account Manager. In February this year, he started his WHU journey and has kindly been supporting us with insights from a student perspective - thank you!

Sayalee Shende (MBA FT 2018)

Sayalee is a current Full Time MBA student at WHU. She has experience in audit and financial controlling, having worked in India and France. She has worked with a wide range of clients that include those in the manufacturing industry, banking & financial services, insurance, hospitality industry and healthcare sector. She has a passion for business strategies, technology, and innovation.

Thomas Roth (MBA FT 2018)

Thomas is a current Full-Time MBA student at WHU with more than 4 years of work experience in the consulting and service industry, where he gained strong expertise in international business development. He is passionate about the start-up scene and innovations, especially in technology and digitalization.