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All WHU members are currently showing great effort in mastering the corona crisis. This website is to present both our contribution and our commitment to the world outside. Even in times of crisis, WHU stays true to its core values. WHU professors share their expertise with the public in different formats, for instance, videos, webinars, interviews and editorial contributions in the media. They explain the impacts of the crisis, give an outlook of the changes from different economic perspectives, and propose innovative solutions, each being an expert in their field. 

Discover the WHU Webinar Series

In the course of the digital development of teaching formats and as a response to the corona crisis, WHU has launched the webinar series "Business in a Post-Corona World - Impact of the Current Crisis on the Future of Businesses, Markets, and the Economy". WHU faculty and guest speakers highlight current topics and provide new insights into the corona crisis and its effects on companies and the economy. 

In a joint project with the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), WHU established the Forum Mittelstand webinar series "Future strategies for small and medium-sized businesses - Set the right course now!” WHU professors analyze the situation for companies and show what steps entrepreneurs can take. The lectures will be held in German and online. They can thus also be attended by company representatives who are not based within the immediate reach of Vallendar and Koblenz as well as by an interested public.

Activist shareholders in a post corona world
Monday, May 25, 2020 at 16:00 CEST 
Professor Dr. Serden Ozcan

Shareholder activism is on the rise in Europe. In this webinar, we will explore how the pace, nature, and instruments of shareholder activism as well as strategic responses to it will change in the post-corona world.

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How finance professionals see the crisis
Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 14:00 CEST 
Professor Dr. Marko Reimer

In this webinar, Professor Marko Reimer will present key findings of two crisis surveys among CFOs and controllers recently conducted by WHU’s Institute of Management Accounting and Control in cooperation with the International Association of Controllers (ICV). We will discuss how finance professionals currently see their firm’s crisis management and outline potential implication for the future of controlling.

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Forum Mittelstand
Innovation as a Success Factor: Learning From The best!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 at 16:30 CEST 
Professor Dr. Holger Ernst

Please note: The webinar will take place in German. 

Successful companies show that innovation is the best recipe for emerging from crises quickly and stronger. In this webinar, you will learn what are the key success factors of innovations. We will present best practices from scientific research and through numerous examples of successful of medium-sized companies. 


Forum Mittelstand
Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 16:30 CEST 
Professor Dr. Carl-Marcus Wallenburg 

Please note: The webinar will take place in German. 

The current impact on both local and global value chains is enormous. In this webinar, we will look at how mid-sized companies are tackling the enormous logistical challenges and what opportunities can arise. 


Forum Mittelstand
Leadership In Times Of Crisis - What Is Important?

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 16:30 CEST 
Professor Dr. Miriam Müthel

Please note: The webinar will take place in German. 

Based on surprising insights about Germany's greatest crisis manager of all times, Helmut Schmidt, we will explore what effective leadership looks like, why we should also look at the employees, and what we can really learn from Helmut Schmidt for the COVID-19 crisis. 


Forum Mittelstand
B2B Sales After COVID-19

Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 16:30 CEST 
Professor Dr. Ove Jensen

Please note: The webinar will take place in German. 

The webinar will address five topics: 1) the procurement behavior of customers, 2) effects on sales argumentation, 3) effects on payment and delivery conditions, 4) effects on sales channels and organization, and 5) technical tips for online presentations.


Forum Mittelstand
How Family Businesses Master The Crisis

Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at 16:30 CEST
Professor Christina Günther, Professor Nadine Kammerlander, Professor Dr. Peter May

Please note: The webinar will take place in German. 

The pandemic has hit family businesses - the heart of our economy - hard. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs have not given up, but have focused on their strengths and found innovative ways out of the crisis. Professor Dr. Peter May and Professor Dr. Nadine Kammerlander will present and discuss some particularly creative and promising approaches by family businesses, building on findings from research, and practice.


WHU Virtual Info Session Master

Stay informed!

Tune in to one of our webinars to learn more about the implactions of the current Corona crisis.

We constantly update the list of the webinars in our series so keep an eye out for new sessions. 

How Long Will the Coronavirus Lock-down Last? 

In his webinar, Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU and Professor of Finance, gives a statistical analysis of the success and the prospective duration of the corona fighting measures in different countries and analyzes the potential impact on European economic prosperity as well as potential counter measures.

Full webinar

Find updated statistics and simulations on COVID-19 

Leveraging Innovation Opportunities in Times of Corona

Professor Dr. Dries Faems, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technological Transformation, demonstrates the importance of sustaining innovations during times of crisis. He explains why companies should question existing routines, explore disruptive technologies and focus on the role of innovation ecosystems.

Full webinar 

The Implications of COVID-19 for Corporate Financing and Investments

Professor Dr. Christian Andres, Professor for Empirical Corporate Finance, takes a closer look at how the Corona shock affects the liquidity of corporations, what are the implications for capital markets and whether corona is going to change the financial planning, payout, and investment policies. 

Full webinar 

B2B Sales in and after the Covid-19 Crisis

Professor Dr. Ove Jensen, Professor of Sales Management and Business-to-Business Marketing, examines the following questions: a) What changes in the procurement behaviour of customers? b) How should we adapt our sales argumentation? c) How should we adjust our sales prices? 

Full webinar (in German)

Tax Policy after the Corona Crisis

Professor Dr. Martin Jacob, Professor of Finance, Accounting, and Taxation, discusses how tax policy can help after the corona crisis. He discusses whether corporate taxes, value added taxes or income taxes should be reduced and explains how taxes can boost investment and create jobs after the crisis.

Full webinar 

How the Corona Crisis Changes B2C Business

Professor Dr. Martin Fassnacht provides food for thoughts on how consumers are changing their buying behavior due to the Corona crisis. Based on those changes he will outline strategic implications for B2C businesses with a focus on marketing, customer relationship management, and smart data.

Full webinar 

COVID-19 And Its Implications For The Upcoming Generational Storm

Professor Dr. Christian Hagist, Chair of Economic and Social Policy at WHU, talks about the trade-off between saving statistical life and economic costs and how this is a harbinger for the generational storm of the next decades.

Full webinar

This Is (Not) (Yet) a Financial Crisis

In his webinar, Professor Dr. Axel Wieandt, honorary professor at WHU, explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the European financial system, with a special focus on European banks.

Full webinar 

Do not underestimate Germany's recession in 2020!

Germany, like most other countries, is facing a severe recession. Recent forecasts for Germany predict a decline in GDP of “only” 3 to 7 percent in 2020. Professor Dr. Michael Frenkel shows why these assumptions appear overly optimistic and why the decline may be considerably stronger.

Full webinar 

Corporate Culture and Corona

Professor Dr. Peter Witt, Honorary Professor at WHU, is talking about the way we work together in times of corona. He answers the questions in how far our corporate culture changes, whether the crisis boosts intrapreneurship or rather a bureaucracy, and which organizational effects will remain. 

Full webinar

Videos on Corona Effects

When and how will the coronavirus affect our economy? What impact will it have on the different economic sectors?
In their videos, WHU Professors give a forecast on what's to expect in the upcoming weeks and months.

WHU Professor Dr. Christian Schlereth talks about the human understanding of exponential growth in the context of the current corona crisis.

Can government subsidies help securing jobs and companies‘ liquidity? WHU Professor Dr. Martin Jacob gives a basic explanation of what steps governments can take during the COVID-19 pandemic to help companies and the economy.

WHU Professor Dr. Christian Andres elaborates on the relationship between the COVID-19 crisis and financial markets. 

Research results on Corona Effects

The corona crisis brings uncertainty and change. This makes it all the more important to analyse the real effects of the crisis. WHU professors dedicate their research to these key areas in order to make fact-based statements about the future of the economy after corona.

Free webinar series for small and medium sized companies

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The Coronavirus crisis and its impact on German companies

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Professor Martin Fassnacht shows how the Coronavirus changes the relationship between B2C businesses and customers

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What Will Working From Home Look Like After Corona?

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Online retailers face significant challenges due to the corona crisis

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Professor Michael Frenkel and Haiko Stefan investigate the effects of COVID-19 on the German economy

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In the media on Corona Effects

This overview shows a selection of interviews, articles, and contributions on the various effects of the corona crisis on different fields of the economy by our professors in the media. 

Date Media Title Quoting
May 15, 2020 manager magazin Verändert Corona das Geschäftsmodell des Profifußballs? Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
May 6, 2020 RP Online Serie Forscher in der Region: Der Profisport auf dem Weg aus der Krise Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
May 4, 2020 FM magazine 5 steps towards corporate resilience Professor Dr. Utz Schäffer
May 3, 2020 Freie Presse Die Sorge um die Arbeit ist zurück Assistant Professor Dr. Elena Shvartsman
May 3, 2020 Controller Magazine Coronavirus crisis: controllers' time to shine! Professor Dr. Utz Schäffer and Professor Dr. Jürgen Weber
April 30, 2020 FAZ.net Wer Freiheiten hat, nutzt sie Professor Dr. Mei Wang
April 29, 2020 Hamburger Abendblatt Sport in der Corona-Krise: VfB-Sportchef attackiert die eigene Branche Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
April 28, 2020 Frankfurter Rundschau "Corona wird uns eine neue Realität bescheren" Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
April 17, 2020 Beschaffung Aktuell Persönlichkeitsmerkmale im Einkauf – auch Psychopathen lassen sich steuern Professor Dr. Lutz Kaufmann
April 14, 2020 kicker Bundesliga-Clubs und Corona: Risiko mit Chancen Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
April 14, 2020 Handelsblatt Die Tupperparty geht online – mit überraschenden Folgen Professor Dr. Martin Fassnacht
April 14, 2020 Manager Magazin Die Stunde der Leader - für viele Fußball-Clubs geht es ums Überleben Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
April 7, 2020 Rhein-Zeitung WHU-Rektor Markus Rudolf hat Ländertrends errechnet: Wann endet die Krise? Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf
April 6, 2020 kicker Bundesliga-Clubs und Corona: Für die Tiefenkrise nicht stark genug Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
April 5, 2020 Deutschlandfunk „Wir stehen vor einer Neuordnung des Systems Fußball“ Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
April 2, 2020 Vietnamnet Vietnamese lecturer publishes research on Covid-19 from quarantine area Huynh Luu Duc Toan
April 1, 2020 SPIEGEL Wirtschaft Hamsterkäufe in Corona-Angst: Der Klopapierkomplex Professor Dr. Martin Fassnacht
April 1, 2020 Handelsblatt Ein Blick in den Abgrund: Vermögensverwalter verlieren durch Corona Milliarden Professor Dr. Lutz Johanning
March 31, 2020 Handelsblatt Umfrage zur Coronakrise: Controller rechnen mit Erholung für Unternehmen im Juli WHU Controller Panel (IMC)
March 30, 2020 Blick.ch Zukunftsforscher Sascha L. Schmidt über den Sport nach Corona Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
March 28, 2020 Rhein-Zeitung WHU-Rektor im Interview: Warum Deutschland großen Spielraum bei der Verschuldung hat Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf
March 22, 2020 Rhein-Zeitung Wie lange verkraftet die Wirtschaft einen Shutdown? Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf
March 21, 2020 das aktuelle Sportstudio Sport in Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt
March 19, 2020 Ökonomenblog INSM In Zeiten von Corona: Warum aktuelle Börsenkurse nicht gegen kapitalgedeckte Altersvorsorge sprechen Professor Dr. Christian Hagist
March 16, 2020 ZEIT Campus Online Digital gegen das Virus Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf
News on Corona Effects

This section shows from different angles how the WHU community reacted to the corona crisis by seamless switching to digital teaching, studying and working, as well as committing to the society.

"At no time did I have the feeling that I was unobserved, cheating would not have occurred to me in my dreams."

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"In a crisis, you have the special opportunity to learn more about yourself"

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A Great Honor: Eleven WHU doctoral students and assistant professors get the chance to meet Nobel Prize winners.

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Fashion Revolution commemorates the victims of the textile factory Rana Plaza

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Prevention starts with the youngest

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MBA students bring the consulting industry to the campus 

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WHU student Alexander Decker gives insider tips about a remote internship in consulting (interview in German)

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