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Chair of Production Management –

Management Quality and Analytics for Industrial Excellence.

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News from our Chair –
Learn about thought leading new research and our latest activities.

The Chair returns to the office.

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Tobias Mönch, Arnd Huchzermeier and Peter Bebersdorf publish new article in the International Journal of Production Research on Mixed-Model Assembly Lines.

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Daniel Hellwig, Goran Karlic and Arnd Huchzermeier publish Springer book - Build Your Own Blockchain: A Practical Guide to Distributed Ledger Technology.

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Tobias Mönch invited to Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2021.

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Professor Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier

(Ph.D. Wharton 1991)
+49 (0)261 6509 380
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Assistant Professor Dr. Marjolein Buisman

Real Endowed Assistant Professor in Retail Analytics
+49 (0)261 6509 388
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Professor Dr. Jürgen Ringbeck

Honorary Professor
+49 (0)261 6509 431
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Elisa Schulze

Personal Assistant
+49 (0)261 6509 381
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Curriculum Vitae

Kerstin Wickel

Manager Center for Collaborative Commerce (CCC)
+49 (0)261 6509 382
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Curriculum Vitae

Sebastian Doetsch (M. Phil.)

Research Assistant
+49 (0)261 6509 383
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Devadrita Nair (M.Sc.)

Research Assistant
+49 (0)261 6509 385
Curriculum Vitae
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Jannik Wolters (M.Sc.)

Research Assistant
+49 (0)261 6509 387
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Peter Bebersdorf, Dipl.-Ing. (BA), MBA

Director Manufacturing Tractors
AGCO Fendt
Marktoberdorf, Germany
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Ole Frauen, Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.

Engineering Data Analyst
Strategic R&D Management
Wolfsburg, Germany
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Daniel Hellwig, M.Eng.

Kepler Cannon New York
New York, USA
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Oliver Höllriegl, Dipl.-Betriebsw. (Univ.)

Director Marketing Effectiveness
Central Europe GfK
Nuremberg, Germany
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Cem Mercikoğlu, MBA

İs Bankasi
Istanbul, Turkey
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Dennis Schmitz, M.Sc.

Vice President Financial Services
Arvato Supply Chain Solutions
Gütersloh, Germany
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David Schröder, Dipl.-Kfm.

Berlin, Germany
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Carl Witzel, M.Phil.

Bain Capital Credit
London, United Kingdom
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The alumni of the Chair of Production Management –
Making an impact in industry and academia!


Open positions at the Chair of Production Management

Our primary goal is to develop publishable research in reputable journals in due course, i.e., as part of the dissertation project. To facilitate this, we clearly differentiate among full-time and part-time dissertations.

Full-time and part-time dissertations

Job openings as research assistant, post doc or assistant professor will be advertised on the WHU careers page.

Check out our current vacancies

About us

Innovation in teaching, research excellence, and thought leadership for practice.

We have developed numerous teaching innovations such as the MIT award winning course on International Operations Management ("best course developed at a US Business School") as well as pioneering courses based on our own research and publications on Industrial Excellence, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Operations, Recommerce Operations Management, Retail Analytics, Real Options Analysis, Supply Chain Finance, Blockchain Programming and the famous "Die Beste Fabrik" (The best factory) practice seminar for SMEs and the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online seminar, to just name a few.

Our research has been recognized internationally, among others, with the prestigious Franz Edelman Finalist Award of the Institute of Operations Research and Management Science, the Marketing Science Institute's Practice Prize, the Management Science Strategic Innovation Prize by the European Operations Research Societies and the Case Award by the European Case Clearing House (now The Case Center). We continue to publish in top academic journals and leading managerial magazines; our chair's alumni serve as role models both in academia and in industry including startups.

We have published the ECR Journal for the world's FMCG industry and globally-cited industry studies, e.g., on the Introduction of the Euro and on the credit card industry. Our Industrial Excellence Award Europe (formerly "Die Beste Fabrik") is supported by 15 Top Business Schools in 12 European countries and celebrates each year top-down & bottom-up leadership innovations across industries and geographies. Winners represent the Who-is-Who of Europe's industrial base.  Our latest industry competition – co-developed with ZIRP – recognizes best practices of Corporate Digital Responsibility in Rhineland Palatinate starting in 2021. Our startup Campus Car has sizably grown into WunderCar Mobility Solutions.

Dates & events

Upcoming events –
Sharing knowledge and seeking feedback.

Event Category
Event Name
Inaugural issue - November 2020

Inaugural issue of Management and Business Review (MBR)

Annual Meeting 2020

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center
Maryland, USA

Family Christmas Brunch

(by invitation only)

Invited Semi-Plenary Talk

Nara, Japan

Excellence Awards

Benchmarking Management-Quality globally and locally –
Strategy formation and employee engagement in digitally-empowered enterprises.

Research and management knowledge

Thought leadership in Management-Quality –
and analytics for Industrial Excellence.

Our ongoing research activities are manifold and cover a wide range of areas. Get an overview and copies of the latest working papers, industry reports and other online references at first hand.

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The goal of journal MBR is to bridge management practice, education and research, thereby enhancing all three. Professsor Huchzermeier has been nominated as Autonomous Departmental Editor for the area of Global Supply Chains and Risk Management. 

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We engage in academia-industry partnerships on business and retail analytics. Key research areas are Promotional and Judgmental Demand Forecasting, Segment-of-One Marketing, Customer Churn Prevention, Store Staffing and Dynamic Pricing. 

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Quick links to our:

Top Research Articles:

Zhao, Lima; Huchzermeier, Arnd (2019)
Omega (Special Issue on “Finance-Operations Interface Mechanisms and Models”), 88, 77-90

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Cohen, Morris A.; Cui, Shiliang; Ernst, Ricardo; Huchzermeier, Arnd; Kouvelis, Panos; Lee, Hau; Matsuo, Hiro; Steuber, Marc; Tsay, Andy (2018)
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, (3)20, 389-402

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Top Case Studies:

Diermann, Christoph; Huchzermeier, Arnd (2017)
Case Study, INFORMS Transactions on Education, 17(2), 63-74

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Huchzermeier, Arnd; Mönch, Tobias; Bebersdorf, Peter (2020)
Case Study. INFORMS Transaction on Education

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Campus teaching & Executive Education

Campus teaching & Executive Education –
Master excellence in operations strategy formation, execution, and business analytics.

The Chair of Production Management constantly explores a number of research topics, largely within the scope of Doctoral theses and externally funded reesearch projects. These range from Fair Process Leadership, Returns Management in e-Commerce, The Impact of Tariffs on Global Supply Chain Strategies, Promotional Demand Forecasting, and Blockchain Technology. Through such research, we are able to integrate the latest insights into modern teaching from Bachelor through to the Doctoral program.

Campus Teaching

Taught by current and visiting faculty, our Chair's alumni and industry captains, insights from our latest research are combined with innovative methods, practice-based training, and further supported by company visits.


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Executive Education

The Chair directs and offers a portfolio of executive education programs and workshops, including key note speeches, the annual Industrial Excellence Conference & Award Europe, and study tours to world-class European manufacturers and service firms. 


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Professor Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier


+49 (0)261 6509 380