Electronic content and MOOC info

Technology allows sharing of teaching content with many individuals. In 2014 we have started to collect video content from all guest speakers of the chair and of selected speakers at WHU initiatives. What started rather as an experiment has grown into a substantial visual database of entrepreneurship topics from the people who know best: Entrepreneurs and Investors! We have so far collected more than 100 short videos on various topics such as:

·         How to find an idea?

·         How to scale a business?

·         How to collaborate with tech guys as a business guy?

·         How to negotiate with investors?

·         Important KPIs and measures for a startup.


We share that content with students and alumni of WHU via the video platform Kaltura.


Here is current information and news on the topic of electronic content and MOOCs.


With the The New York Times article naming 2012 the year of the MOOC and renowned academic institutions such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford deploying capital and intellectual recourses to create MOOC content and sophisticated online platforms, the MOOC phenomenon has received a lot of attention from governments, universities, students, corporates and philanthropist all around the world. It is thus becoming obvious that MOOC is there to stay and that it might disrupt the higher education industry. Keep track of the recent MOOC developments and read our monthly posts!