Bachelor and Master Theses

If you want to write a thesis at the Chair in Entrepreneurship and New Business Development there are a couple of steps to fulfil in order to make the process as effiicient as possible:

1) Choice of Topic

There are a couple of research areas which we focus on at our Chair. Please look at the tab 'Bachelor or Master Theses' and choose one of these areas for your thesis. This will ensure optimum supervision as the chosen area is then relevant for you and for the respective supervisor.

2) Development of Proposal

Before a first meeting, you will have to hand in a research proposal which comprises a preliminary working title and a description of your thesis.

(a) Preliminary working title

Please list a short (max. 2 sentences) working title that summarizes the main topic(s) of your thesis.

(b) Description of thesis

A short description of your thesis is needed (approx. 2 pages). The description should include the following points:

  • Phenomenon: Which phenomenon or field is being examined?
  • Research question: What is the specific research question(s) you want to address with your thesis? Please consider that purely practical questions or purely phenomenon based topics do not fulfil this criterion (e.g. how can company X optimize their new business development process?)
  • Relevance: Please describe why your thesis is relevant for the chosen topic from our list and why it is relevant for research and practitioners?
  • Novelty: Please stress the novel aspect(s) of your thesis, i.e. how it further develops a specific aspect of existing literature and empirical findings
  • Literature: Please point out and list some of the key articles in your chosen area. Also indicate what relevance those have for your research question and chosen area
  • Method: Please specify a suitable method for your research question, i.e. would that rather be quantitative/qualitative, how many cases, objects, what settings, etc.?

3) Hand-in of Proposal

The proposal is the basis for a first thesis meeting at the Chair. The proposal should be sent via email to the respective contact person. Once you have handed in the proposal, we are able to see whether your topic and quality of description are suitable. We will make our decisions, based on your proposal, afterwards and officially sign you in via the Examination Office May.