From our experience, entrepreneurship cannot only be taught theoretically!


While, of course, we build on important insights and results of entrepreneurship research of the past and present, our teaching has a strong practical orientation, always including real cases and real entrepreneurial activities and experiments.


Thus, in every course you take from our chair, you will investigate real entrepreneurial ideas and processes. You will also develop and work on your own business idea and related business model. In doing so, you will learn and apply the latest entrepreneurial tools and methods, such as the business model canvas or lean startup.


The topics of our courses span a wide range, from the search for and start of a business idea for a startup to the development of new business models, products and services in established firms.


As examples our courses deal with:

·         Finding entrepreneurial ideas and evaluating them

·         Developing novel business models

·         Understanding social entrepreneurship business models and creating social

·         Corporate entrepreneurship and open innovation

·         Business ecosystems and sharing economy models