Visual Thinking for Business

Together with iversity, we have created the first WHU MOOC!


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been bringing new impulses to the academic world in the past years. MOOCs make it possible that thousands of students attend a Harvard lecture without one of them being accepted into the elite university or even being able to pay its tuition.


WHU has been observing the online development and MOOC landscape since day one. The course “Visual Thinking for Business” is an outcome of this development process and the high standards required for our education. Since a couple of years, visual skills have become more important in many different business areas such as marketing, business modeling, new product development, sales, distribution, etc. Innovative international companies invest a lot of attention and resources in catching the interest of customers via visuals. Thus, the topic of the course can attract many companies as well as private individuals.


How does this course benefit its participants and why is an electronic format appropriate? Many of us do not at all use visual elements in their presentation and pitches, and even less have the courage to sketch live in front of an audience. Developing visual thinking skills and a visual strategy also forces participants to think in a very structured and analytic way. We train both, creativity and cognition. The electronic format is a huge benefit as 1) individual steps of visualization processes can be learned and repeated at the individual person’s strengths, abilities and speed of learning and as 2) the online platform can provide interactive tools and possibilities that create impressive results, data and insights for participants in real time. So far the course already has an overwhelming number of paid enrolments, which shows how high the demand for visual thinking skills actually is. Compared to other international examples from top schools worldwide, the course already ranks among the top three courses in terms of revenue ever!


The online-course “Visual Thinking for Business” starts on October 12th. You can enroll on the following site: