Prof. Dr.

Mei Wang


Raum: D-123


Persönliche Assistentin

Anja Ziegler


Raum: D-119


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Toan Huynh


Raum: D-121


Research Interests: Behavioral and experimental finance, International comparison of financial markets, Behavioral decision theory

Externe Doktoranden

Johannes Schaewitz


Research Interests: Behavioral decision theory, cross-cultural difference in behavioral preferences, emotions

Martin Blankenburg


Stevan Veljovic


Research Interests: Behavioral Finance and Asset Allocation, Sentiment-Analysis, Financial Markets

Hui Chen


Research Interests: Behavioral International Finance, Economic Uncertainty and Stock Market

Gongjue Tian


Research Interests: Behavioral Finance, Sentiment Analysis, Corporate Culture 


Dr. Dennis Dlugosch

Junior Economist

Structural Policy Analysis Division

Economics Department


Research Interests: Asset pricing under ambiguity, international portfolio diversification, macroeconomic implications of portfolio diversification on the real economy

Dr. Yujing Gong

Assistant Professor
Zhongnan University of Economics
and Law

Wuhan, China

Research Interests: Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty, Cross-Cultural Differences, Behavioral Economics and Behavioral Finance