Leadership and HRM

What is the difference between effective and ineffective leadership? What motivates people to expend effort at work? How can people work together in ways that facilitate task accomplishment and high performance? What is the skill set employees need in the 21st century?

These and other questions are at the heart of what we do every day at the Chair of Leadership and Human Resource Management (HRM): We ask ourselves big questions, inspired by challenges that leaders and corporations face, and we set out to answer these question through rigorous research. We seek to publish our findings in widely read academic journals and we share our findings beyond academia in ways that allow others to connect with them. Thus we seek to inspire public debate on issues that are – or should be – at the top of the agenda for leaders and organizations.

Our research informs our teaching. We help leaders and those who aspire to be leaders, to become more effective, in part by understanding themselves better and in part by understanding others better. We facilitate and structure the exchange of ideas in class, and we infuse such discussions with scientific insights and practical management knowledge. Thus we seek to equip those who come to us to learn with the skills and the knowledge that are essential to succeed in the organizational settings of today and tomorrow.

We forge corporate connections to explore the needs of managers and leaders, and to consult with them on how to better meet their challenges. We believe that a vigorous exchange between academia and practice is vital for creating better, more competitive, and more fulfilling workplaces.

If you ask yourself questions about people in organizations, if you would like to learn more about leadership, or if you wish to engage in a dialogue about how our research can help advance your business, we would love to hear from you.