Montag, 24. Juli 2017

WHU Digitalization Pulse Check

The IMC recently sent out a report of the findings from the first wave of the WHU Digitalization Pulse Check to all study participants. The pulse check is a new longitudinal study for heads of controlling in leading, large companies in Germany. The aim of the biannual study is to provide insights on how companies approach the challenges that digitalization represents for controlling.

The first wave of the pulse check was a great success – reporting a response rate of 48 % while targeting only DAX companies. The study addressed the following key questions: 1) How has digitalization progressed thus far in companies? 2) How do companies organize digitalization and data science? 3) What role do controllers play therein? 4) What consequences does digitalization have for controllers and the controlling function?

The second wave of the WHU Digitalization Pulse Check, which is scheduled to begin in mid October of this year, will focus on digitalization as a means to achieve efficiency in controlling. In addition to the original sample, the study will target a wider pool of large companies in Germany. 

Professor Jürgen Weber and Professor Utz Schäffer