Conferences & Events in Management Accounting Research

The Institute of Management Accounting and Control (IMC) regularly hosts conferences in the field of management accounting research to support the education of emerging scholars, and organizes conventions around its academic and business-oriented activities. These provide a platform for academics at other national and international universities as well as management accountants and managers from the business community to exchange information and ideas.

Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR)

The ACMAR takes place in Vallendar and is the largest scientific conference for researchers in the field of management accounting in German-speaking countries. It aims to communicate recent research trends and results on management accounting practices and to foster networking between researchers.

ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium

The ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium is an event organized for international doctoral students in order to support their dissertation projects and to foster their international network. With this aim in mind, the IMC annually invites international senior faculty to the ACMAR DC.

Other events

In addition to the annual ACMAR DC, the IMC organizes various doctoral courses, which focus on topics of special interest, such as qualitative research.

Other events held in Vallendar in recent years include the second Accounting History International Emerging Scholars' Colloquium and the Spring Conference “Kommission Rechnungswesen".

For more information on the ACMAR and the ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium please visit the conference Website


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