MSc Program - Course descriptions

Advanced Management Accounting and Control (Utz Schäffer), Study Section I, 5 ECTS, English

Management accounting and control systems are an essential prerequisite to manage larger corporations. Therefore, this course familiarizes students with essential management accounting systems (like activity-based costing, target costing, customer profitability analysis, balanced scorecard, benchmarking, early warning systems). Participants will not only develop a profound understanding of how these systems are designed, but also of how they can be used, implemented, and diffused successfully. Finally, the tasks and roles of the controller and the CFO will be discussed. The class combines interactive lectures with assignments, two practitioner presentations, and case work.

Strategy Execution (Utz Schäffer), Study Section II, 5 ECTS, English

Strategy execution matters. In a lot of cases, it is the critical bottleneck to successful strategic management. However, there is no magic formula, and “one size fits all” techniques are rarely adequate solutions. Tough, uncomfortable choices need to be made. In this class, students learn how to lay the foundation for successful strategy execution, how to focus everyone’s attention on the strategic agenda, how to facilitate the behaviors needed for successful execution, how to develop the company’s ability to adapt to change and, last but not least, how leadership can make a difference. The class is based on interactive case discussions and two practitioner presentations.