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Photo of Marko  Reimer

Asst. Prof. Dr.

Marko Reimer

Assistant Professor

Raum: D-221


Primary Research Areas:
  • Upper Echelons and Top Management Teams
  • Management Control Systems
Key Publications:
  • Heyden, M. L. M., Reimer, M., & Van Doorn, S. (in press): Innovating Beyond the Horizon: CEO Career Horizon, Top Management Composition, and R&D Intensity. Human Resource Management
  • Heyden, M. L. M., Van Doorn, S., Reimer, M., Van den Bosch, F. A. J., & Volberda, H. W. (2013): Perceived Environmental Dynamism, Relative Competitive Performance, and Top Management Team Heterogeneity: Examining Correlates of Upper Echelons’ Advice-Seeking. Organization Studies, 34 (9), 1327-1356

Curriculum Vitae & Publications

Photo of Miriam  Zschoche

Jun.-Prof. Dr.

Miriam Zschoche

Assistant Professor