Mittwoch, 21. März 2018

Forum Mittelstand at WHU: The digital transformation as a practical task in medium-sized companies

Next event organized by BIS chair and IHK Koblenz in April 2018

The "digital transformation" has become a constant theme in recent years. Companies are increasingly examining their value creation processes to identify potentials for "digitalization". Efforts to increase efficiency, automation, networking and the development of digital business models are in focus. Prospective changes not only concern technology, but will infer structural changes on the organizational, social and ecological levels - and also in the interpersonal area. Particularly because of the variety of issues to be discussed, the topic remains of considerable importance for medium-sized firms and entrepreneurs. We ask: How can I permanently meet future requirements for change in my medium-sized company? How do I become and remain sustainable? Based on practical examples from companies that successfully face the future, it will be shown which important questions have to be asked again and again and how a continuous "transformation process" can be established. In the process, tools are presented that help to systematically discover aspects of change and to develop these constructively in the company. The goal is to keep the company fit for the future. More information about the event you find here (in German).

The registration link with IHK Koblenz you find here.

Picture credits: © Robert Kneschke, Fotolia