Kürzlich veröffentlichte Artikel:

  • Steinbach, T.; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus; Selviaridis, K. (2018): Me, myself and I: Non-collaborative customer behavior in service outsourcing – the key role of outcome orientation and outcome attributability, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 38(7), 1519-1539.
  • Schorsch, T.; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus; Wieland, A. (2017): The human factor in SCM: Introducing a meta-theory of behavioral supply chain management, International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 47(4), 238-262.
  • Bühler, A.; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus; Wieland, A. (2016): Accounting for external turbulence of logistics organizations via performance measurement systems, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 21(6), 694-708.

Research Paper Series

  • Uwe Zybell, Carl Marcus Wallenburg: Performance Improvements in Logistics Outsourcing Relationships - The Hampering Role of LSP's Mindsets. Link

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