Supply Chain Finance (SCF)

Supply Chain Finance is defined as “the use of financial instruments, practices, and technologies to optimize the management of working capital, liquidity, and risk tied up in supply chain processes for collaborating business partners".

Quelle: Euro Banking Association [EBA] (2014)

SCF Excellence Seminar

WHU Executive Education for Corporates, Treasurers and Trade Finance Professionals

This exclusive Supply Chain Finance seminar proposes a 'holistic‘, i.e., integrative approach towards Supply Chain Management, Trade Finance and Risk Management.

Performance management and risk mitigation strategies for both the firm’s physical and financial chain are covered.

A new mindset on the interface of operations and finance is developed to enhance companies’ business strategy deployment and sustainable development of all members of the extended supply chain.


  • Trade Finance, Working Capital & Risk Optimization
  • A New Mindset on Ecosystem of Supply and Finance Chains
  • State-of-the-Art Knowledge of SCF
  • Corporates, Treasures and Trade Finance Experts Create Value for Growth
  • Linking SCF to the Megatrend of Supply Chain Digitalization