WHU Asia Center

Our mission is to conduct leading international business research along the Asia-Europe axis, and to make research findings available for the academic community, practitioners, and students.

Our objective is to become a focal point in Europe for research on internationalization towards Asia, internationalization of emerging firms from Asia, and Asia as a global supply market.

Our prime focus is academic research, with the aim of contributing to the global scientific debate on Asia-related business topics. We also thrive to transfer research findings into management practice through high-impact practitioner publications, Executive Education programs, and conferences, and to base our teaching solidly on the most current scientific findings.

Lutz Kaufmann and Felix Reimann coordinate the research activities.



New article by Felix Reimann, Tobias Kosmol, and Lutz Kaufmann published in Journal of Supply Chain Management

A research paper entitled “Responses to Supplier-Induced Disruptions: A Fuzzy-Set Analysis” by Felix Reimann, Tobias Kosmol, and Lutz Kaufmann has been published in the Journal of Supply Chain...



New article by Felix Reimann published in Journal of International Management

A research paper entitled “Internationalization of Developing Country Firms into Developed Countries: The Role of Host Country Knowledge-Based Assets and IPR Protection in FDI Location Choice” by...