WHU Financial Accounting & Tax Center (FAccT Center)

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Mission Statement

Das WHU FAccT Center erforscht die ökonomischen Auswirkungen von Rechnungslegung und Besteuerung und bemüht sich um die Verbreitung der gewonnenen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse in akademischer Lehre, Praxis und Politik.



Volkan Muslu (University of Houston) visiting FAccT Center Research Seminar

On June 15th, 2018, Volkan Muslu (University of Houston) presented his current research topic “How Do Firms Change Investments Based on MD&A Disclosures of Peer Firm?” (co-authored with...



Harry Huizinga (Tilburg University) visiting FAccT Center Research Seminar

On June 8th, 2018, Harry Huizinga (Tilburg University) presented his current research topic "Foreign Banks and International Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Syndicated Loan...



Lin Cheng (University of Arizona) visiting FAccT Center Research Seminar

On May 16th, 2018, Lin Cheng (University of Arizona) presented his current research topic "Auditor-related Provisions in Private Loan Agreements, Audit Fee, and Audit Quality" (co-authored...


Topics of Interest

FAccT Center Members regularly speak on current accounting and tax topics, including

  • The use of financial statements in equity valuation, the determination of distributable and taxable profits, as well as corporate governance
  • National and International Accounting Standards, Management Reporting, and Disclosure
  • Accounting Quality, Accounting Policy and Accounting Fraud
  • Fair Value Accounting and Accounting of Research and Development, M&A Transactions, Pension Obligations, Income Taxes, Property, Financial Instruments and Hedge Accounting
  • Business Analysis and Business Valuation
  • Taxes and Investment Decisions
  • Corporate Tax Avoidance

We also invite you to attend our FAccT Center Research Seminar. Please contact us.

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