MBA Austausch

Customizable Program

Short on time but still want to study abroad? WHU's MBA Exchange in Düsseldorf offers a flexible MBA Exchange in the heart of Europe. Exchange for as little as a few weeks, a full semster or anywhere in between! 3 ECTS credits for each module you take.

Sample Schedule for Spring Term

Total ECTS: 9

Time Commitment: 1 Month

Module Example Course Program Length of Module Number of ECTS
Marketing & Sales Brand Management Full Time MBA January for three weeks 3
Advanced Finance & Accounting Mergers & Acquisitions Full Time MBA January for three weeks 3
Operations & Innovations Logistics & Supply Chain Management Part Time MBA January for three Saturdays 3
While we prefer if you can join us for the orientation day, the start date of your module could allow you to start at any time during the semester.

Academic Excellence

  • The MBA Program is made up of course offers from our Full & Part time MBA Program.
  • The MBA is specialized in topics such as: Marketing & Sales, Advanced Finance & Accounting, Operations, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Organization.
  • Course offers are normally available 2-3 Months before the start of the semester and are sent to the students via email.
  • Registration takes place approximately 2 Months before the start of the semester via email.
  • Credits at WHU are stated in ECTS credits. ECTS, the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, is a standard for comparing the study volume / workload and performance of students of higher education across the European Union and other collaborating European countries. The system is used to facilitate the transfer and progression of course achievements throughout the European Union. In the MBA Programs at WHU, 1 ECTS credit equals 8 contact hours or generally 25-30 hours of overall workload, i.e. including contact hours, group work, cases, lectures and exam preparation.
  • Each full time or part time MBA course is worth 3 ECTS.
  • A normal work load at WHU is 5-7 courses per semester; however, students should always talk to their home university advisers so that they can fulfill their home university requirements.
  • Classes are interactive (guest speaker, company visits, real life case studies, etc.)
  • Classes are taught by world renowned professors in small class sizes which ensures excellent mentoring.
per Section

German Grading USA
100-96 1.0 A
95-90 1.3 A-
89-84 1.7 B+
83-78 2.0 B
77-72 2.3 B-
71-66 2.7 C+
65-60 3.0 C
59-54 3.3 C-
53-52 3.7 D+
51-50 4.0 D
49-0 5.0 F
  • Accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and FIBAA

Akademischer Kalender MBA

Herbst 2016
Semester 29. August bis 31. Dezember
Frei mitte November
Bevorzugte Ankunftstage
MBA Austauschstudierende 1-3. September
MBA Double Degree Studierende 25.-27. August
Verpflichtende Einführung
MBA Austauschstudierende 5. September
MBA Double Degree Studierende 29. August bis 2. September
Spring 2017
Semester January 4 - May 17
Independent Study March 5 - 19
Spring Term Extension* April 1 - May 17
Preferred Arrival Date
MBA exchange students January 2 - 3
Mandatory Orientation
MBA exchange students January 4
*Our Spring Term Extension is targeted at exchange students who either aim to increase the number of credits they can earn in Spring by extending their stay or who opt for a short-term exchange program. During the Spring Term Extension, 3 Part- time MBA courses worth 9 ECTS credits are offered on Saturdays and Sundays.



Fall semester and one academic year: June 1
Spring semester: October 1

If you are unable to nominate your students in time or fill out the online application before the deadline please inform us.

  • Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind bis zu zwei Semestern an der WHU zu studieren, Ihre Hochschule Sie ausgewählt hat und eine Partnerhochschule der WHU ist, können Sie eine Zulassung als Austauschstudent an der WHU beantragen. Bitte informieren Sie das International Office Ihrer Hochschule für Details des Austauschprogramms der WHU.
  • Sobald Ihre offizielle Anmeldung bei uns eingegangen ist erhalten Sie von unseren Austauschkoordinatoren weitere Informationen über unser Online-Anmeldesystem.
  • Nachdem uns Ihre vollständige Bewerbung vorliegt, werden Sie ein Informationspaket und einen Brief mit Ihrer Zulassungsbestätigung erhalten, welche Ihnen die Tore nach Deutschland öffnen.

MSc and MBA Austauschstudenten können sich für das MBA Austauschprogramm an der WHU bewerben, wenn Sie folgende Zulassungsvoraussetzungen erfüllen:

  • Mindestalter: 24 Jahre
  • Sprachanforderungen: Englisch als Muttersprache ODER ein bereits abgeschlossenes oder momentanes Studium, welches vollständig auf Englisch unterrichtet wurde ODER ein internetbasierendes TOEFL Ergebnis von 100 Punkten.

Des Weiteren müssen MSc Studenten, welche wünschen sich für das MBA Austauschprogramm an der WHU zu bewerben, vorweisen:

  • Mindestens 2 Jahre Arbeitserfahrung (Vollzeitjob oder mehrere angesammelte vollzeit Praktika in Betriebswirtschaftslehre)

Wenn Ihre Heimatuniversität keine Partneruniversität der WHU ist (siehe Liste der Partneruniversitäten der WHU), können Sie sich unter gewissen Bedingungen als Gaststudent oder Freemover an der WHU bewerben.

Um einen Aufnahmeantrag als Gaststudent oder Freemover an der WHU zu stellen, senden Sie bitte Ihre Bewerbung inklusive Ihres CV, Motivationsschreiben und Anschreiben an unsere Austauschkoordinatoren.

Im Gegensatz zu Austauschstudenten deren Studiengebühr durch ein Abkommen zwischen der WHU und deren Heimatuniversität abgedeckt ist, müssen Freemover-Studenten Studiengebühr an der WHU selbst zahlen.

Für weitere Informationen über unser Freemover Programm und unsere aktuellen Studiengebühren für Freemover-Studenten, kontaktieren Sie bitte den zuständigen Austauschkoordinator.

Wenn sie sich gerne als grundständiger Studierender an der WHU bewerben möchten, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit dem zuständigen Programmbüro auf.


At the moment WHU cannot offer exchange students university sponsored housing in Düsseldorf. After the application deadline you will be provided additional information and resources which you can use to find housing.  It is each student's responsibility to secure accommodation but we are happy to help and give you advice during the process.

The Düsseldorf campus is located in Flingern Süd, close to the city center and to "student" districts such as Pempelfort, Friedrichstadt, Unterbilk, Düsseltal and the ´in´ district Flingern Nord.

Private apartments vary in price per person and are between 400 € and 600 € according to the equipment, size and district.  Electricity, heating, water etc. is usually not included in the monthly rent and is paid separately. Please keep in mind that usually a rent deposit of up to three months may be required.

  • Networking Events including company presentations.
  • Recruiting Days on our Vallendar Campus location.
  • Customized Career Center Newsletter including a job and internship database.
  • Find out more about our outstanding Career Service Center including active companies and placement statistics here:
  • Exchange students are fully integrated into MBA student life on campus.
  • Special Events are arranged by the International Relations Office for exchange students such as orientation day(s), regional tours, or cultural events.
  • Düsseldorf is situated in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Exchange students will receive a free travel pass for the NRW state which allows free travel to cities within the state like Cologne and free travel within Düsseldorf on public transportation.  
  • The pass is valid 24/7 and during certain hours guests can travel additionally for free with the exchagne student.
  • Learn about life, work and recreation in a metropolitan German city while interacting with people from around the world. Learn more about Düsseldorf here:
  • Free travel to Germany cities with in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) with Regional Travel Pass. Discover wonderful regional German cities like Cologne, Münster, Bonn or Aachen.
  • Discover world known cultural events within Germany like Octoberfest in Munich, Carnival in Rheinland or Christmas Markets all over Germany.
  • Easy Weekend Travel to Europe's major cities:
City Travel Method Distance
Paris Flight 1h 5m
Brussels Train 2h 30m
Amsterdam Train 3h 25m
London Flight 1h 25m