The WHU European Programs offer your students and executives the opportunity to profit from a high quality customized program. For that purpose, we carefully tailor the goals, content and methodology of the programs to the needs of each partner university in order to generate a relevant learning experience.


The goals pursued by the European Programs are tailor-made in two ways: based on the curricula of the BBA, MBA and E-MBA programs of the partner universities and based on the requisites for conducting business in Europe. This is because we consider the goals to be the point upon which the entire customization process hinges. Specific goals make it easy to derive content and proven teaching methods. 


The quality of our European Programs is built upon the combination of challenging academics and business relevance. The individual topics discussed in our European Programs range from a broad treatment of European political and economic developments to specific business practices in Western and Eastern Europe. We also offer exclusive European-themed event packages and innovative incentive programs.


In order to foster the personal development of the students, our programs are individually tailored according to proven teaching methods. Participants will learn about modern European business management while experiencing successful business and management practices hands-on in the European marketplace. They also have the opportunity to experience a variety of European cultures. This synthesis of intellectual and cultural learning goals is what makes WHU’s European Programs so distinctive.


WHU faculty and leading European business managers work together to make our programs both challenging and relevant to the business world. The level of excellence WHU pursues in its European Programs is reflected in the outstanding qualifications and experience of our instructors.