"The quality of teaching was excellent, the subject matter was very engaging and the insight into international business in Europe was invaluable. The program ran seamlessly and the hospitality of WHU was a stand out."

Jai Shepherdson

Deakin University

"The European Summer Program experience is an opportunity to grab with both hands - the program organisation is seamless, the lecturers are of the highest calibre, the learning is immensely interesting and the social and cultural experiences are extremely enjoyable. And on top of that, I acquired an amazing bunch of lifelong friends from all around the world."

Erica Lampropoulos

The University of Western Australia

"The MBA European Summer Institute at WHU was a fantastic experience. The two weeks were filled with an excellent combination of coursework, case studies and some amazing excursions to several successful German companies. This was an enriching social and academic program, and I’ve made many new friends and professional contacts from many corners of the world. Highly recommended."


Charles Knudsen


Northwestern University


"I highly recommend WHU’s MBA summer institute – my experience was amazing! I typically started off my morning with a café from the local coffee shop and a breakfast roll from the local bakery. After class I would enjoy a nice jog along the Rhine river before going out with friends for dinner or watching a soccer match at the pub in Koblenz. The professors were excellent and the content was interesting which made it very easy to engage. The students in our cohort represented multiple countries/universities and getting to know them was a wonderful experience. Whenever you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a multi-week 24/7 experience such as this one the bonding opportunities create rich relationships that will pay dividends in the future. I hope you enjoy the program as much as I did."

Jason Schwannecke

University of Michigan



"To those of you who think that a short 2-week study abroad experience is not worth the time or money, think again! The European MBA Summer Institute program taps into WHU's finest cream-of-the-crop professors who deliver a comprehensive overview of the changing business environment in Europe through macroeconomic, strategic, financial, and marketing perspectives. Outside the academics, students have opportunities to explore the nightlife in surrounding city Koblenz, visit tourist hotspots Frankfurt (the 2nd largest financial capital in Europe) and the cathedral-laden Cologne, and embark on a weekend excursion (via train) to other European cities such as Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Prague, or Paris! Do not miss this opportunity to experience Germany with other talented and adventurous students from all over the world!"

Turhan Jesrai

Vanderbilt Universtiy

"In short, the Summer Institute has been THE highlight of my MBA experience. Not only did it allow me to continue to take a class, in a host country, with people from all over the world- the U.S., India, Canada, China, Australia, London- it completely opened my eyes to the mass complexities of the EU and Eurozone. I learned so much about the fiscal and monetary policy governing the region that I was inspired to pursue a career in Europe post MBA. Similarly, the company visits were first class. These thought-leaders offer the most cutting edge insight into todays current challenges and it is refreshing to receive the information in a manner that encourages me to want to learn and do more. I would unreservedly encourage others to participate in the WHU Summer Institute. I am sure it will impact your life as much as it has mine. "

 Anthony Harbour

University of Toronto

Testimonials WHU European MBA Summer Institute

"The WHU Summer MBA Programme was the best 2 weeks I had in my MBA programme so far! I would highly recommend this programme to part-time MBA students (the full-timers will love it too!) who appreciate time off work to learn about business in European context, soak in good company and explore Germany. The faculty staff are extremely knowledgeable and the curriculum was well calibrated to achieve great learning experiences. The coordinating staff were also very accommodating and hospitable. In addition, there were plenty of opportunities for peer learning and networking throughout the programme. Overall, two thumbs up for my experience at WHU Summer MBA Programme!"

Chang Tze Ai

National University of Singapore 

Testimonials for the WHU European MBA Summer Institute

"This program was unquestionably the most beneficial program of my MBA - the amount of knowledge and hands on experience gained in two short weeks far surpassed what a three month program could deliver. The professors were knowledgeable, professional and made what seemed to be extremely difficult subjects fun and relevant. Added to this the course was organized impeccably, and ran like a fine German car."

Roy Binnekamp

University of South Australia

Testimonial for the WHU European MBA Summer Institute

"This program was an awesome experience which I will always cherish forever. I personally recommend this program to students who want to learn more about European economy and at the same time want to have a unique, cultural, fun filled, fantastic experience."

Ophira Moses

Texas A&M University

Testimonial for the WHU European MBA Summer Institute

"It was wise decision to choose WHU's MBA summer program. Apart from an opportunity for studying and networking with diverse group of people, it was a three fold learning experience. I got some knowledge about International Business as well as a good insight about European Union and its functional mechanism. German culture experience enhanced my cultural intelligence. I would highly recommend this program to my peers!"

Nitin Tyagi

Lancaster University

Testimonial for the WHU European MBA Summer Institute

"The WHU MBA Summer Institute exceeded all expectations with its mix of exciting course topics, interesting company visits, and fun social activities.  The program staff was very helpful and went above and beyond to make the program a truly unforgettable experience.  Additionally, the professors were excellent teachers and engaged the entire class in the learning process.  But what stood out to me as separating WHU's program from the others is the sense of community that develops as the program evolves (thanks in large part to WHU's exceptional staff) amongst the students, who come from around the world but soon develop a common bond (and, I daresay, lifelong friendships).  Words cannot express how great of an experience the WHU MBA Summer Institute provides, and I recommend the program to everyone considering studying abroad during their MBA studies."

Nathan Vance

Washington University in St. Louis, Olin School of Business