Chair of Leadership

Summer Team Day Vol. II

Summer in the City: Outdoor Team Day

Exploring how to shape ideas in the new normal

The summer team day this year felt somewhat different than normal as it was the first time to physically get together after the long period of Covid-19-induced distant measures. While our team established many new routines during the Covid-19 lockdown such as daily quick check-ins, weekly goals, and on-demand collaboration via software tools, it was nevertheless great to be able to “really” get together at the WHU Düsseldorf Campus. We stayed outside as much as we could and explored Düsseldorf by going on a crime-themed tour. But we also used to time to experiment with innovative avenues to jointly cooperate, teach, and learn in a hybrid work model (some at home, some in the office / classroom). This will be particularly important when striving for excellence in our educational programs, such as the new Online MBA  in which the Chair of Leadership contributes the modules “Organizational Behavior” as well as “Executive Leadership”.

We are looking forward to the new learning opportunities and wish all students a great start into the new Semester