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WHU Master in Finance #1 in Germany with First Entry to Ranking

A new entry to the Financial Times ranking, the MSc program from WHU achieved all-round top marks.

Often seen as global markers of quality for prospective students when choosing a study program, the annual Financial Times rankings assess top-tier business schools on different aspects of their degree programs, from their internationality to the salary of its alumni. This year, the WHU Master in Finance Program participated for the first time in the Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking 2020. Achieving an incredible result of #1 in Germany, WHU demonstrated once again its top position in the country and as a European leader in business education.

"It is highly gratifying that the Master in Finance Program at WHU, as a newcomer in the FT ranking, was able to overtake its German competitors. Of course, we want to take this success as an incentive and continue to contribute to the satisfaction of our students and alumni," comments Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU.

The program prepares students for a wide variety of financial careers and landscapes, offering a deeper understanding of theories and their practical applications. Many of the students who join the WHU Master in Finance Program hail from around the world, looking to expand their knowledge of international markets. "The different levels of prior knowledge and the diversity of the students make the program a unique and international experience. In combination with an excellent education and career opportunities, this experience has a positive impact on the students' careers," says Professor Dr. Martin Jacob, Academic Director of the Master in Finance Program.

Worldwide, the program placed 22nd, performing particularly well in the categories of ‘Internationality of the program’ (#9), ‘Salary’ (#12), and ‘Career service’ (#18). Alumni reported a high level of satisfaction with the program, with an exceptional score of 9.35 out of 10. "The fact that we are listed in the ranking shows that not only the quality of our teaching is convincing but also the values we convey. These are community and commitment," adds Rudolf.

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