Institute of Management Accounting and Control

WHU Online Research Seminar Isabella Grabner on December 3, 2020

Does learning by disaggregating accelerate learning by doing in demand forecasts?

On December 3, Isabella Grabner, Professor at the IfU, WU Vienna University, discussed these questions during a WHU Online Research Seminar. She presented her paper entitled „Does learning by disaggregating accelerate learning by doing? The effect of forecast disaggregation on the rate of improvement in demand forecast accuracy”. In this study, Isabella relies on proprietary data from a multinational organization to show that disaggregation of demand forecasts can lead to accelerated learning as product age increases. She also discusses the role of forecasting difficulty and that effects are most pronounced for particularly difficult forecasts.

Professor Isabella Grabner obtained her PhD from WU Vienna, then worked at Maastricht University as an assistant and associate professor before returning to Vienna in 2018. Isabella’s research focuses on the design of management control systems and the role of performance measurement and incentives in managing creativity and innovation and identification, development and retention of talent.