Chair of Strategy and Marketing

Speech at the Business Club Hamburg

Prof. Fassnacht gave a speech about “Omnichannel Strategies in the Digital World”.

On September 3, 2020, Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht gave a speech about “Omnichannel Strategies in the Digital World” at the Business Club Hamburg. Digitalization enables customer integration in all areas of the value chain. However, most retail companies have large deficiencies when it comes to omnichannel strategies. In his talk, Prof. Fassnacht discussed the influence of digitization on the retail landscape and how manufacturers and retailers can react to the changing purchasing behavior of customers. Furthermore, he derived managerial guidelines and gave specific advice on how to connect the offline and online world. “More than ever before, marketing requires strategic thinking and the development of new skills and competencies. Pure online or offline business models can no longer exist in the digital age", he said. According to Prof. Fassnacht, successful omnichannel strategies should be individually tailored to companies and customer needs and create theme-centered ecosystems for shoppers.