WHU Appoints Dr. Marjolein Elize Buisman

WHU has appointed Dr. Marjolein Elize Buisman as an Assistant Professor for the real (GmbH) Assistant Professorship in Retail Analytics as of February 1, 2020.

Dr. Marjolein Buisman is a Dutch citizen and received her doctorate in 2019 from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, where she previously researched and lectured in the field of Operations Research and Logistics. Also at Wageningen University, she obtained a Master in Food Technology and a Master in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies, in 2015, and a Bachelor in Food Technology in 2012.

Dr. Buisman gained her first teaching experience at Wageningen University, where she has been lecturing on "Decision Science" since September 2019 and previously supervised several Bachelor and Master students as a tutor. Besides, she has gained practical experience during research stays in Hull, Great Britain, and in Hamburg and during internships in the Bavarian Dairy Industry and the Production and Supply Chain Management Group of the Technical University of Munich.

Her research, focusing on retail applications, sustainability in food retailing and reduction of food waste, was published and submitted to leading journals already during her Ph.D. process.