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WHU Supports Companies in Vallendar

#inVallerdaheim: WHU's Christmas presents support local businesses

Giving Christmas joy and, at the same time, supporting local businesses in the COVID-19 crisis - with this year's Christmas surprise and the hashtag #inVallerdaheim, WHU creates a win-win situation for both its staff and the local businesses in Vallendar and Düsseldorf.

Even before the pandemic, attracting customers was not always easy for the stores in the city center of Vallendar. The parking situation is problematic, and many of the residents of the surrounding hills do not even come to the old town center to shop. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the situation has become even more serious, and some of the shops have already given up. Now, sales could rise again a little, as the more than 290 WHU employees in Vallendar may soon spend the "VallenTaler" they received as Christmas presents from their employer.

With sparkling wine and chocolate, WHU's Christmas party had to be held online this year as it needed to be COVID-19-compliant. The gift bags were already waiting at the workplaces. Packed inside: VallenTaler for the staff in Vallendar and gift vouchers for the restaurants near Düsseldorf Campus for teh staff in Düsseldorf. The golden voucher coins, each worth five euros, were first issued a few years ago by an association of the local businesses in Vallendar ("Vallendarer Gewerbetreibende"). VallenTaler can be redeemed at all participating stores and restaurants, which are listed on the website www.vgv-vallendar.de.

"It is very important for us to support the local businesses in the city center. People know each other, and, of course, they realize how difficult times are for some of the businesses," Dean Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf explains. "A well frequented center of town with a certain amount of local supply is not only important for the local community but also for our students. After all, many of them live here and do not have their own cars."

To compensate for the COVID-19 lockdown, WHU has created a special Christmas atmosphere by beautifully illuminating the Marienburg building on Burgplatz, where large flakes of light snow fall onto the silhouette of the city and the hashtag #inVallerdaheim.

WHU illuminates its main building in Vallendar, the Marienburg, to create a Christmas atmosphere.
With this year's Christmas gifts, WHU invited its staff and faculty to jointly celebrate an online Christmas party and to support the local businesses in Vallendar and Düsseldorf.